For the second year in a row, I have been given the privilege of writing our last blog of the year. As I sat down to write, I found myself pausing and reflecting on all the changes which have taken place over the last 366 days. Although we can all certainly count the personal changes in our lives, for me the most significant was recently becoming an Aunt to my wonderful and adorable nephew, in the media age, the ties that bind the world together are stronger than ever. 

Google, then a little known company run out of a garage, launched a website over a decade ago that put a wealth of information at our fingertips. The website was so popular that in 2006 the verb “to google”[1] was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It comes as no surprise then that, as is done every year, Google Zeitgeist recently released a video titled “Year in Review”, which documents but a few of the most prevalent of the 2 trillion-plus searches conducted in 2012. Whether you googled this past year to prove your correctness in a heated dinner conversation, to figure out what it meant for the Ontario legislature to be prorogued, or to find that perfect Christmas gift, it is almost impossible to not have been among the many searches that contributed to this video.   

Opening with Felix Baumgartner’s epic fall from space, moving to Oscar Pistorius’s ground-breaking run as the first double leg amputee to participate in the Olympics, and quickly flashing to PSY and the amazing phenomenon of ‘Gangham Style’, even the first few seconds of this video reminded me that 2012 was a year to remember. 

As estate litigators, we spend a great deal of time reflecting on relationships and family dynamics; in particular, the items that our clients want to remember of their parents, sibling or friends. At the end of the day, finances play a big role in litigation, but win or lose or somewhere in between, I find that it is the memories and the related sentiment that my clients’ hold dearest. As Google reminds us what we globally searched for most this year, when you look back, what will be your favourite memories of 2012, what will you hold dear?

Wishing you a safe and prosperous 2013,

Nadia M. Harasymowycz

[1] Search for information about (someone or something) on the internet using the search engine Google (OED online)