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Charitable Donations: Is the Charity Incorporated?

Posted in Charities
The start of a new year is generally a symbolic time to think forward and to implement new goals.  Interestingly enough, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution according to Statistic Brain.  Moreover, the percentage of people who achieve their resolution each year is only 14% for those over the age of … Continue Reading

Acceptance of Art in Lieu of UK Inheritance Tax

Posted in Charities
In Canada, assets that we inherit are not normally subject to inheritance taxes.  However, in the United Kingdom, individuals are required to pay such taxes, which may become a barrier to distributing assets pursuant to the deceased’s wishes.  If an estate is worth more than three hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds, including any assets held … Continue Reading

Charitable Giving

Posted in Charities
The May 25, 2012 issue of The Lawyers Weekly has several estates-related articles in it, one of which addresses charitable donations. The three objectives of this type of gifting are usually helping charities that have helped your family, to give back to the community or to distribute wealth. Some pointers the author gives are: ·                    tax considerations … Continue Reading

Statute of Charitable Uses – A 17th Century Framework in the 21st Century

Posted in Charities, Estate & Trust
"Relief of the aged, impotent, and poor people; maintenance of sick and maimed soldiers and mariners, schools of learning, free schools, and scholars in universities, repair of bridges, ports, havens, causeways, churches, seabanks, and highways, education and preferment of orphans, for or towards relief of stock, or maintenance for houses of correction, marriages of poor … Continue Reading

Charities – Will your wishes be carried out?

Posted in Charities
I wrote yesterday about some of the factors you may want to consider when preparing an estate plan that contemplates a gift to a charity. What I didn’t address was the possibility that despite your best efforts, your beloved and well supported charity may cease to exist at some point between the creation of your estate … Continue Reading

Charitable Giving – A Starting Point

Posted in Charities
It isn’t a secret that the current passing down of wealth is the most significant of its kind in our history. With the definition of ‘family’ constantly changing and generations outliving those behind, the passing down of wealth may not be in the form we once anticipated. It seems, that in response to these various fluctuations in … Continue Reading

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Posted in Charities
Many of us give to charities by handing out pocket change at the door or by giving monthly gifts by automatic deposit. Some may leave bequests to their favourite charities in their Wills. For those who have a little more to give during their lifetime and beyond, there are additional ways to provide for planned … Continue Reading

Hull & Hull LLP Supports Mac Kids

Posted in Charities, Estate & Trust, General Interest, Health / Medical, In the News
Blog subscribers are already familiar with the story of my daughter, my “Pirate Princess”, who was diagnosed last summer with a severe form of amblyopia; so severe in fact, that her brain was only exchanging messages with one of her eyes. Since her diagnosis, she has become a patient in the Ophthalmology Clinic at McMaster Children’s … Continue Reading

Charity Begins at Home

Posted in Charities, General Interest
I recently bought a book titled “The Power of Half”.  It is the story of one family’s decision to stop taking and start giving back. The adventure started when 14-year-old Hannah Salwen spotted a homeless man in her neighbourhood and at the very same time an expensive Mercedes car pulled up beside them. Hannah turned … Continue Reading

Costs on a Cy-Pres Application

Posted in Charities, Litigation
Yesterday, I discussed Fort Sackville Foundation v. Darby Estate, 2010 NSSC 27 (CanLII). Today, I will discuss the matter of the costs of the proceedings, reported at .Fort Sackville Foundation v. Darby Estate, 2010 NSSC 45 (CanLII) The court had dismissed the application by the charity for a declaration that it was the successor charity, or … Continue Reading

More on Cy-Pres

Posted in Charities, Litigation
John Darby died in 2008. In his July 2007 Will, he left his residence and contents to the “Heritage Society of Bedford” [Nova Scotia] on specific conditions. The conditions included a requirement that the Society commit to retain his property and contents as a heritage property; a commitment to use the building to house a museum … Continue Reading

The Good Government Act, 2009: Reform to the Regulation of Charities

Posted in Charities
As I noted yesterday, Ontario’s Good Government Act 2009 has received royal assent. Over 300 pieces of legislation have been amended or repealed, including various statutes dealing with the regulation of charities in Ontario.   Of particular note are the following two changes: 1.    The Charitable Gifts Act (the “CGA”) has been repealed. This Act has long been … Continue Reading

Estate, Trust and Capacity Law Breakfast Series

Posted in Charities
Hull & Hull LLP hosted its quarterly breakfast series on September 24, 2009.   Megan Connolly started off the day with a very informative talk on charitable gifts, with a focus on when a charitable beneficiary can not be identified or cannot be found.  Megan reviewed ways in which the charitable gift may survive in these … Continue Reading

Cy Pres Awards and Class Action Settlements

Posted in Charities
Cy pres is the equitable doctrine under which a court interprets a document containing a gift to charity by substituting another charity to reflect as closely as possible the donor’s intention. Courts use cy pres when a donor’s original charitable purpose cannot be exactly fulfilled. When literal compliance is impossible, the general intention of the donor should … Continue Reading

As the Economy Sours, Charities Feel the Pinch

Posted in Charities
  The holiday season is generally the time when people give most generously to charity. However, with the souring economy, many charities are seeing their donations dry-up.    Individual giving has been on the decline, as many people appear either unable to donate as in the past or unwilling to until the economy seems stable again.      Gift … Continue Reading

The Business of Being an Estate Trustee – Hull on Estate and Succession Planning Podcast #108

Posted in Charities, Hull on Estate and Succession Planning, PODCASTS / AUDIO, Wills
Listen to The Business of Being an Estate Trustee. This week on Hull on Estate and Succession Planning, Ian and Suzana discuss the business side of being an Estate Trustee and talk about what to do with assets. Comments? Send us an email at, call us on the comment line at 206-457-1985, or leave … Continue Reading