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International Children’s Memorial Place

Posted in General Interest
  Prince Edward Island is the home of the International Children’s Memorial Place (“ICMP”). The mission of the ICMP is to promote and foster the health and well-being of individuals and families who grieve for the physical and emotional loss of a child. ICMP operates a beautiful 12 acre park dedicated to the memory of … Continue Reading

Blood Testing: The New Crystal Ball for Dementia

Posted in Capacity, Estate Planning, General Interest, Health / Medical, In the News, Power of Attorney
Last week on our blog, Josh Eisen blogged about a death test which uses blood samples to identify people with higher short-term risk of dying.  There appears to be a pattern developing in the scientific community with regard to the use of blood tests as the new crystal ball for our fate. A new study … Continue Reading

Memory Sports: the Competitive World of the Mind

Posted in General Interest
With the Winter Olympics and its display of physical athleticism just past, mental athleticism deserves the same amount of attention for what memory athletes have accomplished through practice and training. The World Memory Championships started in 1991.  Every year there is a 3-day competition in which one person is crowned as the World Memory Champion … Continue Reading

A Smorgasbord of Technology

Posted in General Interest, In the News
We continue to see the interconnection between estates and technology.  I recently came across two articles, both from the west coast, which further advance this relationship. Crowdsourcing in California California is in the process of amending their probate code, and has asked individual citizens for their comments.  However, the manner in which the State is … Continue Reading

Asthma Inhalers in the Principal’s Office: Rampant Rulitis

Posted in Estate & Trust, General Interest, Health / Medical, In the News
At present, there is no legal framework in Ontario governing the storage of asthma inhalers within schools. The absence of such a framework shifts the decision-making into the hands of the individual school administrators and/or school boards. What has evolved as a result of this legal vacuum is a patchwork of asthma management plans.  Many … Continue Reading

I Wish I’d Played More Video Games

Posted in General Interest
The most common regrets that patients express on their deathbeds, according to a nurse who worked in palliative care, are 1.       I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.  2.       I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. 3.       I wish I’d had the courage … Continue Reading

The End of the Secret Swiss Bank Account

Posted in General Interest
The End of the Secret Swiss Bank Account: In the world of International banking, two the most terrifying phrases to be uttered in a board room are “money laundering” and “terrorist financing”. This is especially so for Swiss banks who this month found themselves caught between a rock and a hard place with the American’s … Continue Reading

SCC Refuses Pratten Sperm Donation Appeal

Posted in General Interest
The application by Olivia Pratten for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada has recently been refused, without reasons.  As such, Ms. Pratten’s quest to find the identity of her biological father has come to an end. Ms. Pratten’s proceedings have been followed closely by our firm, with prior blogs, found here and … Continue Reading


Posted in General Interest
I recently went to see Fast & Furious 6. I expected there to be some pretty terrible previews. The movie is targeted at a male audience so I’m not the one they are trying to impress. That said, I’ve always found previews entertaining. In this case, I wasn’t disappointed.  Certainly, the preview for the R.I.P.D. was in line with … Continue Reading

525,600 minutes

Posted in General Interest
I recently attended the production of ‘Rent’ at the Lower Ossington Theatre.  The musical has been a favourite of mine for years.  I know the words to almost all of the songs, albeit if I have to sing them, it is fairly off key.  One of the songs in the musical (which gained some popularity … Continue Reading

Invasive Procedures

Posted in General Interest
About 90,000 people die in Ontario every year. Of those, about 16,000 are reported to the Coroner’s Office (or roughly 17%). According to the Office of the Chief Coroner Report for 2009-2011, in 2010, there were 16,415 coroner’s investigations.  Many people do not want to be autopsied – whether it is because of religious beliefs or other … Continue Reading

The Art of the Obituary

Posted in General Interest
When a person dies, one of the first tasks that is often attended to is writing their obituary. The task of summarizing a person’s life in a few short words can often be a difficult and stressful job for those involved. When it comes to writing the obituaries for famous individuals, the difficulty involved can … Continue Reading

‘Will’ Technological Advances Help?

Posted in General Interest
I recently came across an article on CNN, found here, which discussed how a painting, once thought to be painted by one of Rembrandt’s pupils, was found to be painted by the famed Dutch master himself.  As such, the painting is now worth more than $30 million dollars. This article made me consider the implications, … Continue Reading

Knowledge is Power, or so they say…

Posted in General Interest
I was recently watching an episode of Jeopardy. I generally tune in for pure entertainment, with an added bonus of possibly learning. This time, I was shocked to see a professional angle as well.  Prudential sponsored Jeopardy’s ‘Tournament of Champions’, and has created an online game that addresses financial issues largely related to retirement and life planning … Continue Reading


Posted in General Interest
A recent article in The Washington Times, found here, discusses the use of an Autopen by President Obama to sign the most recent fiscal cliff bill while on vacation in Hawaii.  According to the CBC, an Autopen is a desk-sized contraption that is capable of copying a person’s signature.  Used by MP’s, a piece of … Continue Reading

Putting “New” in the New Year

Posted in General Interest, Litigation
Yesterday, I read in the Toronto Star about a couple that resolved last year to make the year a year of “firsts”. They resolved to learn, make or experience 365 new things in 365 days. They blogged about their progress in knocking items off of their bucket list at  Inspired by their story, yesterday I … Continue Reading

Arbitration: A Valuable Alternative

Posted in General Interest
On occasion, I am asked to act as a private arbitrator in the area of estates, trusts and capacity disputes through Hull Estate Mediation. Arbitration is similar to litigation in that it is an adversarial dispute resolution process overseen by a neutral third party. However, in arbitration, the trier of fact is the arbitrator instead … Continue Reading