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The Illegitimate Children of Westeros

Posted in In the News, New Media Observations, TOPICS, Wills
In the Game of Thrones universe, being born out of wedlock results in significant negative social and legal consequences. A “bastard” – a term frequently used in the Seven Kingdoms, although no longer considered appropriate in our world – cannot inherit their father’s lands or titles. They are also not entitled to enjoy the “privileges… Continue Reading

Who Should Manage Your Facebook Account When You Die?

Posted in Estate Planning, New Media Observations
The online social media giant Facebook has taken steps to respond to the concerns about one’s personal account management upon death. Up until recently, the accounts of members that passed away were either “memorialized” or entrance into the accounts were locked. On Thursday, February 12, 2015, Facebook introduced a feature entitled “legacy contact” that allows… Continue Reading

With Intangibles, What’s Left?

Posted in New Media Observations
  I have a love of history. I’m the kid who spent hours at the Smithsonian on the family vacation, the one who enjoyed the class trip to Fort York and who still can spend hours circling a museum, reading every last plaque while the rest of the tour group heads to the nearest restaurant. The experience… Continue Reading


Posted in New Media Observations
One can’t deny that social media has changed the way we interact with one another. To better embrace this new way of social interaction, we’ve been working hard at Hull & Hull LLP to help you stay connected to us by creating several media options to empower you with legal and practical knowledge on estate matters.… Continue Reading

Tweeting in Court and other Socially Acceptable Behaviour

Posted in General Interest, In the News, New Media Observations
Given the prevalence of scepticism amongst lawyers (see my earlierblog), it is entirely in keeping with character for lawyers to be slow to openly embrace social media. Judging from a recent study, it would seem that this might be doubly so for Canadian lawyers. In this article about Digital Life, the world’s largest study into consumers’… Continue Reading

Twittering Lawyers

Posted in New Media Observations
By now, almost everyone has heard about Twitter. Twitter is the micro-blogging social network that allows you to publish and read short messages of less than 140 characters (“tweets”). Twitter has over 10 million users and with all the recent media attention it seems like everyone is on twitter; celebrities, news agencies, municipalities, and corporations.… Continue Reading

Trust Law and Zebra Mussels

Posted in Estate & Trust, Litigation, New Media Observations, News & Events
In the wee hours of Saturday night, on my umpteenth flight back from Asia this year, I couldn’t help but ponder two things.  First, the recent collapse of the U.S./global financial system and greater economy compares poorly to what I have witnessed in Asia for years now.  But we still have the relative advantage of trust law to… Continue Reading

Finding Legal Information Online

Posted in New Media Observations
An abundance of legal information is available online and a new customized search engine that searches for content from law firms has become available. We often begin a search for online information by searching Google or a similar general search engine. Fee Fie Foe Firm is a Canadian law firm search engine that searches content… Continue Reading

A Look at Law Related Podcasts

Posted in New Media Observations
As you probably know, Hull and Hull LLP produces two weekly podcasts that discuss issues related to the estates area and estate and succession planning. Podcasting has certainly grown in the last year and there is a lot of content out there. To learn more about our firm’s use of this social medium, read Suzana… Continue Reading

Tech Toys

Posted in New Media Observations
Being somewhat of a late convert to the idea of taking advantage of the myriad of small-scale technological devices invading the business and legal milieus, I get to enjoy innovations long after other people have become blasé. The ability to work from home through gotomypc is, I think, my favourite.  For the uninitiated, the program allows for… Continue Reading

Practice Management Blogs: A Source for New Ideas

Posted in New Media Observations
I recently came across two entertaining and informative blogs about practice management for lawyers and law firms. David Bilinsky is a practice management advisor and staff lawyer with the Law Society of British Columbia. He writes and lectures on the subject of legal practice management and his blog, covers topics such as record management,… Continue Reading

Battle Brewing Over Heath Ledger Estate?

Posted in New Media Observations
Recently departed actor Heath Ledger (A Knight’s Tale, Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Knight) left behind a young daughter.  But based on news reports, Ledger appears to have neglected to include his daughter in his Will, perhaps unintentionally.  It appears Ledger last filed a Will in 2003, before the birth of his daughter Matilda in 2005 and before his hit film Brokeback… Continue Reading

The Family Focus

Posted in Estate Planning, New Media Observations
By my count, in the relatively short history of our website, our firm’s lawyers have blogged on the transfer of wealth by the boomers to their children on six separate occasions.  See, for example, this blog and this blog.  And our blogs reflect a trend to report on the subject as the dominant sociological issue in the business media.  See,… Continue Reading

Elections and Social Networks

Posted in New Media Observations
Even as Canadians, we cannot help but get caught up in the media frenzy surrounding the U.S. Presidential State Primaries. In the last couple of months, the dominating story has been the campaign between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic Party nomination. Last week, Michael Geist, noted technology law professor, columnist, and blogger… Continue Reading

Mitch Albom’s “For One More Day” continued…

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, Ethical Issues, New Media Observations
Yesterday, I wrote about an amazing book by Mitch Albom that I came across recently called “For One More Day”. In the introduction to the book, the author peaks your interest by asking the following question: "Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software: Friend or Foe?

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, New Media Observations
The cover story of the October/November 2006 issue of National, the magazine published by the Canadian Bar Association, dealt with the interesting topic of artificial intelligence (AI) software and its effect on the legal profession. I was quite surprised to learn that some global corporate law firms are selling legal opinions created by the use… Continue Reading

E-Discovery: Do you know your metadata from your active data?

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, New Media Observations
Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure mandate that in civil litigation, one must disclose electronic data (see the definition of “document” and “electronic” in Rule 1.03). However, there is very little guidance in the Rules or the case law about exactly how to disclose electronic data. In today’s technology age, where the majority of our communications… Continue Reading

Organizing your Family with New Technology

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, New Media Observations
On a recent Marketing Monger podcast of November 22, the host of the show, Eric, spoke with the owners of a start-up company called Famundo. This is a company that has designed a computer software program expressly for the use of families and community organizations. This interesting company has created organizational software that is much… Continue Reading