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Maintaining Adequate Insurance Coverage

Posted in Elder Law Insurance Issues, RRSPs/Insurance Policies, Support After Death
A recent study by the Bank of Montreal Insurance Company reveals that Canadians, on average, believe that they require life insurance coverage in the amount of at least $265,607.00 to satisfy their debts, funeral expenses, and to fund financial support for dependants after their death.  Our of all provinces, residents of Ontario feel that they… Continue Reading

Personal Control and Diligence Pay Off in the World of Retirement Planning:

Posted in Estate Planning, RRSPs/Insurance Policies
In the wake of the Great Recession, middle income Canadians are under mounting pressure to save for their retirement, with less government support than was previously expected. For many Canadians, this shift is a sign that the government wants us to take our retirement into our own hands and explore the various options available to… Continue Reading

Life Insurance Locator Service

Posted in Beneficiary Designations, Estate & Trust, General Interest, RRSPs/Insurance Policies
  Ever wonder if (or wish that) you might be the lucky beneficiary of a hefty life insurance policy left to you by some benevolent benefactor? Well now you can find out if your wishes have come true.  A life insurance policy locator service created and maintained by MIB Solutions Inc. allows you to search 170 million… Continue Reading

FAQs on Wills, Death & Taxes

Posted in Estate & Trust, Estate Planning, General Interest, RRSPs/Insurance Policies, Wills
  The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Website posts answers to frequently asked questions about estates matters like how to find a copy of a deceased person’s will and how to calculate the amount of estate administration tax.  There is a public database on site at the Toronto Estates Office at 330 University Avenue that… Continue Reading