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Blog In Review

Posted in General Interest
 In this our very last blog of the year, we thank all our readers the far and the near. The privilege of writing our blogs for you all, has been all of ours and we hope that you call or email or write so that we may hear what you wish us to cover for… Continue Reading

So You Wish To Vary A Trust

Posted in Estate & Trust
Those wishing to vary a trust in Ontario, can look to the Variation of Trusts Act (R.S.O. 1990, c. V.1) (Act) for the authority to do so. Although the Act is surprisingly only one section in length, do not let the length fool you. Essentially, the Act permits the Court to approve a variation of a… Continue Reading

On Blogging and Lawyers (Part 2 of 2)

Posted in General Interest
Yesterday I blogged about the usefulness of blogs for lawyers. Today I will provide some specifics and recommend a few blogs to you.  The advantage of blogs as a publishing vehicle is the access to information in real time. The latest news and topics are always available and you can get your own information out to the legal community and… Continue Reading

On Blogging and Lawyers (Part 1 of 2)

Posted in General Interest
Blogging has certainly become popular in the last several years as an important source of information and communication. So much so that even lawyers have jumped on the bandwagon. And who would have thought? Being the risk-averse creatures we are, you would not expect publishing our musings for the world to read to be a natural fit; after… Continue Reading

D-I-Y Funerals

Posted in Estate Planning
I recently came across an article which suggests that Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) funerals are an emerging trend in the United States. The article charts the growth of the home funeral movement in the last two decades. A D-I-Y home funeral can mean many things. A family member may want to build the casket, hold a visitation… Continue Reading

Powers of Attorney and Real Estate Fraud

Posted in Power of Attorney
To assist real estate lawyers in identifying forged powers of attorney and fraudulent real estate transactions, the Law Society of Upper Canada has provided real estate lawyers with a set of new guidelines and procedures for powers of attorney and real estate transactions. In order to address the issue of fraudulent transfers of title and… Continue Reading

Finding Legal Information Online

Posted in New Media Observations
An abundance of legal information is available online and a new customized search engine that searches for content from law firms has become available. We often begin a search for online information by searching Google or a similar general search engine. Fee Fie Foe Firm is a Canadian law firm search engine that searches content… Continue Reading

Practice Management Blogs: A Source for New Ideas

Posted in New Media Observations
I recently came across two entertaining and informative blogs about practice management for lawyers and law firms. David Bilinsky is a practice management advisor and staff lawyer with the Law Society of British Columbia. He writes and lectures on the subject of legal practice management and his blog, covers topics such as record management,… Continue Reading

Seth Godin on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, New Media Observations
During Duct Tape Marketing’s August 16 2006 podcast, the host, John Jantsch, interviewed Seth Godin, who has just published a new book,   Small is the New Big, which is essentially a compliation of Seth’s popular blogs. The theme of this book is that big used to matter.  Working for big companies used to be enviable,… Continue Reading


Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, New Media Observations
Some of the great Podcasters note that, in the future, we will have more ear time than eye time. Ian recently looked at an interesting book by Evan I. Schwartz entitled, "Digital Darwinism". In his book, Schwartz compares the competitive struggle to the battle between species that occurs in the natural environment. He concludes that,… Continue Reading

Reading and Learning about Blogging and Podcasting – “Naked Conversations” – Part III

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, New Media Observations
At page 43 of the book Naked Conversations, the authors use a classic quote from a great blogger who describes it as follows: "Blogging is word of mouth on steroids". A well-known legal blogger, Lawrence Lessig, also comes highly recommended in the book. T he authors point out (at page 87) that they were a… Continue Reading