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What happens if you do not have a Will?

Posted in Estate Planning
In our modern society more and more people choose to remain in common law relationships rather than to marry. Certainly many think that few differences distinguish a common law relationship from a married one as society has responded to practical reality by making common law spouses eligible for pension benefits, family insurance benefits and spousal support. No wonder… Continue Reading

$14 Billion Estate Including Offshore Trusts, No Will, 9 kids, Multiple Unmarried Spouses, One Wife, etc.

Posted in Estate & Trust
Wang Yung-Ching died at the age of 91 in New Jersey without a will (so far).   Of course, New Jersey has intestacy laws.  But according to the New Jersey’s Star-Ledger, Mr. Wang owned a multi-national conglomerate worth around US$7 billion (the basic American Dream story: immigrant founds Formosa Plastics)… with at least nine children… by at least two different women in long-term relationships, none… Continue Reading

Identifying a Common Law Spouse

Posted in Common Law Spouses
Common law spouses are not included in Part II of Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act, which governs intestate succession (dying without a valid Will). In British Columbia, unlike Ontario, intestate laws now provide the same rights to common law spouses as to married spouses, if the couple lived together in a marriage-like relationship for a… Continue Reading

Widow sues her own children for a greater share of her husband’s estate

Posted in Estate & Trust
A widow in the United Kingdom is suing her two children, her one-year-old son and three-year old-daughter, over her late husband’s estate.  Taryn Dielle launched an action in London’s High Court claiming that the country’s intestacy laws do not provide her with enough money to care for her children.   Her husband, a London millionaire,… Continue Reading

Same-Sex Marriages and their Impact on Estate Law and Administration – Hull on Estates #114

Posted in Hull on Estates, PODCASTS / AUDIO
Listen to Same-Sex Marriages and their Impact on Estate Law and Administration. This week on Hull and Estates, Rick Bickhram and David Smith discuss how changes in the definition of marriage have impacted Estate Law and Estate Administration. Comments? Send us an email at, call us on the comment line at 206-350-6636, or leave… Continue Reading

Lost Wills – Hull on Estates Podcast #112

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Listen to Lost Wills This week on Hull on Estates, Paul Trudelle and Megan Connolly talk about the issues surrounding lost wills. Comments? Send us an email at or leave us a message on our comment line at 206-350-6636. You can also leave a comment on our blog at… Continue Reading

The Process of Administering an Estate – Hull on Estate and Succession Planning Podcast #93

Posted in Executors and Trustees, Hull on Estate and Succession Planning, Hull on Estate and Succession Planning, PODCASTS / AUDIO, PODCASTS / TRANSCRIBED, Wills
Listen to The Process of Administering an Estate This week on Hull on Estate and Succession Planning, Ian and Suzana  talk about the first, pre-probate stages of administering an estate.… Continue Reading

Hull on Estates Podcast # 50 – The Rectification of a Will

Posted in Estate Planning, Hull on Estates, Hull on Estates, Wills
Listen to "The Rectification of a Will" Read the transcribed copy of "The Rectification of a Will" During Hull on Estates Episode #50, Sean Graham and Paul Trudelle discuss the rectification of an erroneous Will. Sean and Paul also cover the importance of detailed documentation such as Solicitor’s notes and prior Wills, as well as Intestacy and Knowledge and… Continue Reading