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Hull on Estates #315 – New Year’s Resolutions for the Legal Practitioner

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Listen to: Hull on Estates Episode #315 – New Year’s Resolutions for the Legal Practitioner Today on Hull on Estates David Smith and Moira Visoiu discuss New Year’s resolutions for legal practitioners. Specifically, they mention the December 2012 issue of LAWPRO Magazine. A few of the best practices mentioned include the use of checklists and… Continue Reading

The Secret to Success

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Law, like any coin, or the law of nature itself, has two sides that are equal and opposing forces: The drive to be to be a noble profession and a successful business. Another simple truth is that opposites attract and, when co-existing in proper harmony, form an unstoppable and impenetrable force.  Yesterday, I mentioned the five… Continue Reading

Law – A Profession or a Business?

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There is a big difference between a profession and a business – or is there? Traditionally, lawyers have been taught to believe that law is a profession, not a business. The majority of us do what we do (partly or only) because we want to help people, to make a difference.  I heard exactly this… Continue Reading