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Common Law Partners’ Rights to Property

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Yesterday’s blog considered the fact that a common law spouse has no beneficial entitlement to his or her deceased spouse’s estate on an intestacy.  There are, however, remedies available to the disappointed spouse.  The first of these is a claim for dependant support found in Part V of the Succession Law Reform Act, whereby a common law… Continue Reading

Madore-Ogilvie vs. Ogilvie Estate – Hull on Estates #103

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Listen to Madore-Ogilvie vs. Ogilvie Estate. This week on Hull on Estates, Rick and Sean discuss the case of Madore-Ogilvie vs. Ogilvie Estate which was recently featured in the CCH periodical Will Power. Comments? Send us an email at, call us on the comment line at 206-350-6636, or leave us a comment on the… Continue Reading

IS THERE SUPPORT AFTER DEATH? – What about Moral Obligations and the “Fair Share of Family Wealth” Analysis? – Part VII

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, Support After Death
As you know, we have dedicated a few recent blogs (see our June 30, 2006 and July 3, 2006 posts) to the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in Cummings v. Cummings. Perhaps, most notably, in determining the quantum of support to award in this decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal endorsed the concept of dependant’s… Continue Reading

IS THERE SUPPORT AFTER DEATH? – Who Can Make a Claim and Powers of the Court – Part V

Posted in Archived BLOG POSTS - Hull on Estates, Support After Death
No review of the area of dependant’s relief is complete without considering the leading Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Cummings v. Cummings (on the application for support, see (2004), 5 E.T.R. (3d) (81) (Ont. S.C) (Cullity, J.); on the appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal, see (2004) 5 E.T.R. (3d) (97) (Ont. C.A.).… Continue Reading